‘Feeling Queen and Bowie’: Grimes admits to glam rock influences on potential new single

Grimes’ 2012 album Visions was one of the finest electro-pop offerings in recent years. But the Canadian musician and producer is starting to feel the majesty of guitar rock, and it could shape her next release. The 26-year-old Artist Born Claire Elise Boucher blasted out a series of tweets last night, saying her new album is “prob like 40% pop 60 % crazy.”

Grimes also completed a new track that could be a single, and it’s got a bit of a glam rock flavor to it, and she’s been focused on playing music “irl.”

“guitar is just a whole new sonic world, melodically, rhythmically etc,. playing ‘irl’ music is my biggest inspiration lately,” she tweeted.

We feel that.

And while we’re still way into her sound on electronic tracks like “Oblivion” and “Genesis,” it’s exciting to hear what a bit of Bowie and Queen could do for her vibe.

Here’s Grimes’ tweets, including a few where she shined some light on “Go,” the track that was allegedly rejected by Rihanna before Grimes released it herself earlier this year.