Shoot To Thrill: AC/DC did a Reddit AMA today, here’s what we learned


AC/DC just linked up for that bastion of meet-your-fans Q&A love in the Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). It was initially scheduled to be guitarist and lead hornsman Angus Young, Bon Scott replacement Brian Johnson and bassist Cliff Williams; drummer Phil Rudd is chilling in New Zealand post his trying to “procure a murder” nonsense. For some unknown reason, Johnson didn’t partake; look, maybe he had shit to do – don’t judge.

Still, there’s a bunch of questions to be addressed, and despite the lack of key members (sorry Clifford), we still gleaned a bunch of stuff, here are ten of the most important:

1. AC/DC fans are super creeps.


DonnaBrock1972: Angus, I am your biggest fan. I am completely obsessed with you. You are the GRRREATEST guitar player of all times. And you are such an awesome entertainer. I have you as my screensaver on my iPad and phone and my phone cover has a picture of you on it. I also have your full name engraved on my iPad. I keep your picture as my picture on my facebook and also a picture of my autistic son dressed like you on there as well. It has been a dream of mine for so many years to meet you. For 1 solid year I posted good morning and good night in your Facebook. On your birthday I had a cake made with picture on it to celebrate. You ROCK! How do you stay so energized? Is it the corn flakes?

2. Phil Rudd? Zero fucks given.

HeyUJem: Is anyone helping Phil?


3. Want to hear deeper catalog songs on the upcoming tour? Don’t get your hopes up.

ANGUS: Well, yeah, we’ll definitely review everything, yes. Yeah. That’s right. It is a lot of albums we have, and there’s only so many hours in a day, hehe! But we do our best. To cover a lot of this.

4. There was a LOT of Rosie.

ZCatcher: Is a whole lot of Rosie ever really enough Rosie?

ANGUS: Well, it was Bon who wrote that lyric. And… he thought she was very worthy of a song, yeah. And he seemed to think there was just a lot of her.

5. Cliff doesn’t get to pick shit in the setlist:

CLIFF: We all chip in!

ANGUS: And he might go over the 25%, and there’s only 75% left – and then there’s Brian who wants his 25%! I was usually the last to get the pick, hehe! Everyone else had picked their tracks already, yeah. I just had to turn up and be there!

6. Angus used to like milk.

ANGUS: Well, I did used to drink a lot of milk, yes. And I don’t know why, really, at the time. My body just seemed to say I had to drink that milk. And I used to have gallons of the stuff. Both chocolate – I was a big fan of chocolate milk, when it was first invented, that sounds strange too, but when it first became commercial, I made my own – and I used to drink milk AND eat a lot of chocolate bars. The only one that had a problem with it was my dentist.

7. Angus likes Bogart, like, a lot.

ANGUS: The BEST movie? Oh, that’s a tough one. I’m a fan of a lot of the older era films. I like a lot of those gangster films with Humphrey Bogart, especially the ones where he plays the cheap detective type. But I would say Maltese Falcon was one of my all-time favorites. I’ve even seen it in different languages, and I can just turn the sound down and mime what Humphrey says in the film.

8. Angus has a silly laugh.

spencerlance: Do you have any stories about crazy fans?

ANGUS: About crazy fans? I’ve got crazy musicians, hehehehe!

It’s a hard thing to say, you know. I mean, what’s the definition of crazy? I’ve had MANY experiences… have to think…

9. DGAF about the state of music today.

Jiminy_Jillickers: What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry and streaming music?

(crickets just chillin’)

10. It got so ridic, we started hearing about Cliff Williams’ hobbies, and Angus tee-hee-heed again.

CLIFF: Oh. Well, as I said before, I like shooting, clay pigeon shooting. I like a little bit of fishing.

ANGUS: Caught MANY an alligator!

CLIFF: By the tail. And I tried a little of painting. Yeah. I don’t know if it took to me though – I got more paint on me than the canvas. But I enjoyed it.

ANGUS: He’s pretty good at body paint! Hehehehe!

Angus and Cliff