Boom Boom No: United Airlines doesn’t wait for a tardy will.i.am, gives his seat away on flight to China


When it comes to flying to China, will.i.am just couldn’t get it started.

The pompous Black Eyed Peas rapper was set to fly to Asia earlier this week on United Airlines, but he ignored the New York’s John F Kennedy Airport’s procedure to arrive at least an hour before check-in. When Mr. i.am, arrived just 45 minutes before his 14-hour flight was set to take off, United had already given his seat away.

His black-eyed pleas fell on deaf ears, so he turned to twitter to piss and moan. He even cited an incident last May, when United booted him from first class after they suspected his membership was fake.


Here are his tweets. But fear not — it looks like he caught a later flight.