Vanyaland Premiere: Watch Feints roar through a cover of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Fighting My Way Back’

We had several “Oh hells yeah!” moments when scrolling through the 2014 Boston Music Awards nominations this past weekend. But perhaps none was said with such a forceful fist in the air than the Female Vocalist Of The Year category, which (properly) recognized Amy Douglas of Feints, Sunrise Highway, and SPF 5000 as one of the best voices in the city.

We’ve been saying this shit for years, but it’s great to see Douglas acknowledged.

Today, she throws down the rock gauntlet once again with Feints, the boozy, fiery, piano-pounding gang of a band that made quite a name for itself during the spring’s Rock And Roll Rumble. And true to rock and roll form, Feints have released a cover of Thin Lizzy’s 1975 rock blitzer “Fighting My Way Back” to hold us over before new originals are in order.

“This song, because it best illustrates the mentality of this band, and that we have had the greatest rocket ride this year, despite the setbacks of the vocal injury during the Rumble, and [guitarist] Dave’s recent shoulder surgery,” says Douglas. “We are ready to come out swinging, and this song, when I sing it, there is something deep inside that connects, we all really just connect with this one. And…Lizzy!”

New music, new shows, and new videos will be on the way in the coming few months, but in the mean time, let’s rock out appropriately.

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