Vanyaland Premiere: Spirit Kid revel in ‘Severance’ before heading out to Los Angeles

As Kevin Fowler of Every Day Is A Mixtape astutely pointed out yesterday on Twitter, next week will see the final local shows from scene mainstays Pretty & Nice and Spirit Kid for the foreseeable future. Pretty & Nice are going on “indefinite hiatus” and playing a sort-of farewell show at Allston’s Great Scott on August 16, and this Monday, Spirit Kid are saying “see ya later” to Boston with their own show at ZuZu in Cambridge. The reason for Spirit Kid’s sayonara: band ringleader and songwriter Emeen Zarookian is moving to Los Angeles.

The last time that much talent headed from Boston to Los Angeles, Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, and Josh Beckett were involved.

But like Pretty & Nice and their Infinitely Forever EP, Spirit Kid aren’t leaving us without a parting gift of new music, and Vanyaland is excited to premiere the band’s new single and video, “Severance.”

We’ll try to not look too deep into the song’s title. Or maybe we will.

“The song is pretty self-explanatory, I got laid off earlier in the year, got my severance, and now I’m having a summer blast,” Zarookian tells Vanyaland. “Despite the part of me that just wants to go to the beach every day and do nothing, I actually can’t sit around idle too long… but it occurred to me that maybe I can be productive and go to the beach every day… ALWAYS! So I am heading for sunnier pastures out west.”

The video has some strong California pop vibes, fitting the style and sound that Spirit Kid have cultivated over the past few years, and it makes us realize that Zarookian and Southern California are a pretty good match.

“But don’t worry, I’ll be back often enough,” he assures us. “This is just a ‘see ya later.'”

Check it out below; and for those who hate music videos, feel free to jam out via the Spirit Kid Bandcamp.

Peace out, Emeen Z., you’re a good one.

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