Significant Bother: Limp Bizkit are playing Boston’s House of Blues in October

Last we heard from Fred Durst, he was shooting E-Harmony commercials back in May with the dating website’s founder, Neil Clark Warren. Now he and his rap-metal has-beens Limp Bizkit have another date, with you, and it goes down at Boston’s House of Blues on October 10.

Do617 has the scoop on the local show, part of a larger tour which will no doubt be announced soon.

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife: Limp Bizkit is coming back to Boston. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Fred Durst and his late-’90s rap-metal crew will play the House of Blues on October 10. Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon, and unfortunately, this is no three-dolla bill, y’all — it’ll cost you at least $40.50 to get into the Lansdowne Street venue, and $50.50 if you want the right to sit down at any point during the show.

Not like you wanna be sitting down “Break Stuff.”

Our friends at Do617 also uncovered this MTV News report from 1999, when the Biz played a secret, illegal rooftop show on Brookline Avenue in the Fenway, literally across the street from our former Boston Phoenix offices.

Watch the video below. The late-’90s were a mess, man. A fucking mess.

[embedvideo id=”lumvm447H3c” website=”youtube”]