North Sure: Massachusetts city of Beverly receives noise complaint over Justin Bieber house party


Justin Bieber threw such a massive party on Saturday night, complaints stretched all the way across the country to Beverly, Massachusetts. Apparently Biebs was hosting an out-of-control rooftop soiree at his Beverly Hills condo, and when one neighbor called to complain, he or she was accidentally dispatched roughly 3,015 miles away to the Massachusetts city of Beverly.

Beverly Hills, Beverly — it’s an easy mistake, and one that reportedly has happened before.

According to boston.com: “California residents using phone providers’ 411-type information services to contact Beverly Hills police have occasionally been connected to the similarly named Massachusetts city’s police department, Beverly Police said.”


The Beverly police department seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole mix-up, and posted the news this morning on their Facebook page.

We especially like the #bieberproblems hashtag.

Of course, that didn’t prevent some of the post’s commenters from mistakenly thinking Bieber was busy partying on the North Shore this weekend. One day, possibly.