Davis Square’s Theater: Check out the full schedule for this weekend’s ArtBeat 2014

The nasty weather this morning may have Boston resembling the rainy planet of Kamino from Attack of the Clones, but a better forecast is in store for the weekend, when Artbeat 2014 takes over Davis Square in Somerville. We’re looking at temperatures in the low-80s, with clear skies on Friday and some clouds come Saturday. We’ll take it.

Among the dozen bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food and hatch-themed activities will be live performances by psych-rock band Guillermo Sexo (who also play Thursday’s Midriff Records showcase at the Middle East), electronic music composer Andre Obin, and dance-punk brigade Petty Morals.

“During the heat of summer (held on the third weekend in July), artists and festival goers converge on Davis Square, transforming it into one of the area’s largest and most innovative arts festivals,” Artbeat writes on their homepage. “Each year we develop a theme that serves as a launching point for artists and the community to express themselves.”

This year’s theme is “Hatch.” Artbeat explains:

We like to think of Somerville as a giant incubator, one in which ideas, dreams and art percolate and ultimately, hatch. And so, this year’s ArtBeat theme is “hatch,” a celebration of our city’s creative endeavors. “Hatch” evokes many things: chirping chicks breaking out of their shells, emerging creative projects and scientific break-throughs, and indie businesses busting onto the scene. Let’s also consider “hatch” as a noun, as an opening or compartment in a ship, car or building—places where things can be stashed away from the public eye.

Here’s the ArtBeat full schedule, which kicks off Friday at 6 p.m. and concludes the next night around 6 p.m. Organizers are asking for a $3 donation at the door(s).

July 18
6 p.m.: Along Bike Path: Waterlily Sky
6 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Bohemia Social Club
7 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Lookie Lookie
8 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: André Obin
9 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Edan

July 19
11:30 a.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Boston Tamu Samaaj
12:30 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Branches Steel Band
1:30 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Petty Morals
2:30 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Grand Fatilla
3:30 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Willie J. Laws
4:30 p.m.: Seven Hills Stage: Guillermo Sexo

12:15 p.m.: Elm St. Stage: The Eight Tracks
1 p.m.: Elm St. Stage: Abbie Barrett & the Last Date
2 p.m.: Elm St. Stage: The Novel Ideas
3 p.m.: Elm St. Stage: Shirim Klezmer Orchestra
4 p.m.: Elm St. Stage: Mario Santiago y Radio Mambo

12:30 p.m.: Somerville Theater: Luminarium Dance Company
2 p.m.: Somerville Theater: Four Dance Shorts
3:30 p.m.: Somerville Theater: Zoe Dance Company
(All day) Elm Street Plaza: Knucklebones

Noon: Elm Street Plaza: Slow Boat Home
1 p.m.: Elm Street Plaza: Puppet Playtime
2 p.m.: Elm Street Plaza: Professor Tea
2 p.m.: Statue Park: Curious Creatures

All day: Throughout the festival Activities on Traffic Island and Environs
All day: Inside/Out Gallery Hatch Public Art @ Inside/Out Gallery
All day: Tree at Corner of Dover and Elm Pollination
All day: Near bike path & Buena Vista Road Sleep Cycle

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