One Oh One Severed: Online petition launched to bring back Evolution 101.7


When 29-year-old alternative rock radio station WFNX went off the radio dial two years ago, people launched rescue campaigns, protested outside the Phoenix Media Communications offices, and rallied around the #WeAreWFNX hashtag. Now, all-EDM station Evolution 101.7, WEDX, is getting the online petition treatment after Friday’s flip in formats to all country.

After experimenting with the all-dance FM format since December 2012, Clear Channel suddenly, and without much warning, re-branded 101.7 FM on the radio dial to The Bull, dubbed “a new brand of country.” Evolution now lives online in the IHeartRadio network.

Enter the online petitions.


“Put Evolution 101.7, Boston’s Home Of All Things Dance, Back On The Air,” via change.org, was launched on Friday, and it’s nearing 300 signatures. Which feels like everyone who tuned in to Evolution on the regular.

Here’s the word:

Evolution 101.7 was not like other radio stations within the Greater Boston area. Evolution 101.7 was diffrent because of the fact compared to normal radio stations around the Boston area, It gave us a reason to turn on our radios and listen to the radio. Evolution 101.7 is suppose to be an EVOLUTION in the music around the Boston and was a way to get rid of the Fake, B.S. Stations around the area, and was to bring the E.D.M. Movement to the city of Boston.


Getting rid of Evolution 101.7, Boston’s Home Of All Things Dance, Is not fair to the loyal listeners of the station and the people of the greater boston area, And in the people an insult to the EDM Evolution and the EVOLUTION as a whole. So we are asking for Clear Channel Communications to put Evolution 101.7 Back on the airwaves and to give the people of Boston back the station which many of us have grown to love and become common listeners to.

If you still are not sure why you should support this petition and why the listens of this station are upset, Lets look at the reasons why.

Getting rid of Evolution 101.7 Is Like Getting Rid Of A Entire Genre as a whole, It will remove the amount of varity that we the people of the radio will have.

The listeners of the station and greater boston community WE WERE NOT EVEN INFORMED OF THIS CHANGE, NO NOTICE, NO WARNING, NO ANYTHING.


Replacing Boston’s ONLY E.D.M. Station is a shame to begin with, But replacing it with ANOTHER Country Station, is just simply a waste of a Radio Station.

Boston was one of the first cities in the NATION to have thier own E.D.M. Station, Starting a process of getting more cities into the E.D.M Movement.

Getting rid of this station would be a waste, Due to the fact of the matter that E.D.M. Is at its highest peak ever at the moment.

Evolution Was a way to escape the Radio stations that played the same songs every other song.


So, For the sake of the Radio, Please support us and put Evolution 101.7 Back on the airwaves, And support the E.D.M Revoultion.