Maine Attraction: Get ‘Photoelectric’ with New England rock duo When Particles Collide


We, like many others these days, argue that the best and most valuable part of the Rock And Roll Rumble is not the competition itself, but the exposure given to bands that play a full room of friends and fans of other bands around town. It’s the best musical social mixer we have in Boston, and nowhere was the exposure bump more apparent than for Maine-born, and New Hampshire-based, rock duo When Particles Collide.

Sasha Alcott (vocals, guitar) and Chris Viner (drums) moved to the preliminary round via the wild card slot in April’s Rumble, and used those two shows to build some heavy camaraderie among the local music scene. They did just that by a) blowing everyone away with their riff-heavy, high-flyin’ rock and roll highwire act; and b) by being friendly and social and showing genuine interest in the other band’s taking part. We could feel the networking going on in the room — and the mornings after on social media — as it all unfolded.

Now, for a band that calls other states’ home, they sure seem like they are everywhere around our town: editorials in the Boston Globe’s Sunday magazine, shows at Redstar’s tastemaker series, and Rumblicious record release parties, like tonight’s sonic showdown at Davis Square Theatre in Somerville.


Earlier this week When Particles Collide dropped a new LP, Photoelectric; a firecracker of a record that’s birthed two rippin’ tracks, “Time” and “Constant Disaster,” both of which are mainstays on Vanya Radio’s This Is 617 playlist. They’ll sound even more electric tonight in the ‘Ville, as When Particles Collide are joined by Rumble vets Vary Lumar and the Rationales, along with the newly-minted Zerobot, a bunch of dudes who used to go by the name the Interobang.

Check out When Particles Collide’s Photoelectric record below, and scope the very excellent show poster, crated by the one and only Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative. Turn them both up.


When Particles Collide Flyer