Search And Destroy: Connecticut is Googling the shit out of Wu-Tang Clan


When we all die, the only thing that will remain for our obituaries is our personal search history. We’ll all shrug and say it was “research,” but a deeper look reveals some very telling traits about our interests. Online real estate search site Estately has run the numbers through Google Trends, figuring out the most popular search terms for all 50 states, and the first (of many) question we have is: Why the fuck is Connecticut Googling hard for the Wu-Tang Clan?

The New York rap crew is near the top of the list for the Nutmeg State, but it’s not alone in revealing a band or musician as one of their top search terms. South Dakota loves Nickelback, and Tennessee is still hung up on Elvis Presley. Motley Crue, astonishingly (or maybe not), came in the top six in North Dakota’s ranks.

As for us here in Massachusetts, we love “Canadian Men / Eyebrow Waxing / George Costanza / Hangover Cure / Muppets / PCP / Tinder / Yoga.”


Which is totally weird.


Check the map, then drink in some explanation from Estately.

America’s fifty states have a lot in common, but if their internet search histories are any indication they also have significant differences. Estately ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which words, terms, and questions each state was searching for more than any other. The results ranged from mildly amusing to completely disturbing. No doubt this information will come in handy for anyone trying to decide which state they want to buy a home in, especially for those curious how their potential neighbors spend their time online. The results on the map above are just the tip of the online search iceberg. Check out what other search queries each state performed more of than any other in the list below…

Click the link for the full state rundown, and peep the cool map below (as for Iowa, that’s not the Drake you think it is).

CALIFORNIA: Alcoholics Anonymous / Bros Before Hos / Dandruff Cure / Food Poisoning / Google Glass / Kim Kardashian / Meat is Murder / Paris Hilton / Pokemon / Rogaine / What does Siri look like? Analysis: California has a variety pack of issues.

CONNECTICUT: The Dave Matthews Band (band) / Hearing Voices / Pepperidge Farms / Wu-Tang Clan (rap group) Analysis: Wu-Tang Clan and The Dave Matthews Band exchange Pepperidge Farms gift baskets during the holidays.

DELAWARE: Delaware, Joe Biden, What Is Delaware? Analysis: Delaware is the only state that’s aware of Delaware.

FLORIDA: Alligator Wrestling / Botox / Eyebrow Piercing / Hulk Hogan / Juviderm / Lice / Mazda Miata / MDMA / Obamacare / Stand Your Ground / Swingers / Viagra / What is sarcasm? Analysis: The only thing surprising about Florida’s search history is that it wasn’t even weirder.

MAINE: Cat Pics / How to roll a joint / Growing Marijuana / Michael Flatley’s “Lord of the Dance” Analysis: Maine is ideal habitat for lonely cat owners who are also stoners.

MASSACHUSETTS: Canadian Men / Eyebrow Waxing / George Costanza / Hangover Cure / Muppets / PCP / Tinder / Yoga Analysis: If you can land a date with one of the much coveted Canadian men in Massachusetts, be sure to take him to the premier of “The Muppets Take PCP”. The Oscars buzz is real.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Cats / Ellen Degeneres (TV host) / Fireworks / Free Kittens / Live Free or Die / Ron Paul Analysis: You can pet New Hampshire’s cats when you pry them from their cold, dead hands!

NEW YORK: Bail Money / Bed Bugs / Bill Maher (comedian) / Darwinism / Fur Coats / George Michael (singer) / Hangover Remedy / Marrying Cousin / Propecia / Sniffing Glue Analysis: The saddest day in a New Yorker’s life is the day you raise bail money by selling your fur coat.

RHODE ISLAND: Andre the Giant / Beer Pong / Blumpkins / How to roll a blunt? / MSNBC Analysis: So is Rhode Island is just one big college fraternity?

VERMONT: Kale Recipe / Annie Lennox (musician) / “The Daily Show” (TV show) / Gwar (band) / Poetry / Phish (band) / LSD / Stephen Colbert Analysis: Perhaps it’s not surprising that Vermont is also the whitest state in America.

WASHINGTON: Circumcision / Dungeons & Dragons / Gluten / Judas Priest (band) / Non-Alcoholic Beer / Pho, Quinoa / Rachel Maddow (TV Host) / Unicorn Tattoo / Happy Hour / Analysis: At dinner parties in Washington state, it’s customary to follow the quinoa course a gluten-free dessert. After that, everyone retires to the library for a non-alcoholic beer and a casual conversation about circumcision.