Techno-Pop Warner: Get ready for Aiden Jude, a 10-year-old EDM DJ/producer from New York City


Back in my day, the kid-band we all looked up to was Bad4Good, a teenage hair metal quartet that featured actor Danny Cooksey of Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Nickelodeon’s Salute Your Shorts. They were long gone before their video for “Nineteen” finished airing during its debut on Headbanger’s Ball. But we liked it.

However, this new generation, they’re on some new shit entirely.

Meet 10-year-old EDM producer Aiden Jude from New York City who’s opening for Mobb Deep in Los Angeles. And here’s his new song “Tonight,” posted above.


It sounds a bit like Martin Garrix’s “Animals” (with a better vocal melody), who himself is not yet 18-years-old. The kids, man.

According to Do Androids Dance:

Apparently his main influence has been his uncle, DJ Coleman, who is said to have “made his mark in the fashion world and high end events starting in the early 90’s.” The Shap Music-signed “Tonight” is said to be hitting Beatport tonight, followed up by a “Tonight” remix EP. Dude’s also opening for Mobb Depp in Hollywood, and also has gigs lined up at Lure Hollywood and Lavo in NY.