Motivated Mix: Listen to Big D & The Kids Table’s ode to the Boston Marathon, ’26-Miles to Glory’


Photo by Matt Williams @ the Light Affect

There will be no shortage of inspiration among those training for, and running, the 2014 Boston Marathon next week. But in case anyone starts to lag, Boston ska-punk band Big D & The Kids Table are here with a little pick-me-up. The winners of Punk Act of the Year in the 2013 Boston Music Awards last night released “26-Miles of Glory,” an uplifting rock tune that details the marathon trail while keeping last year’s tragic events in mind.

Frankly, we’re a bit unsure about the lyrics “Do you see me blasting through Hopkinton? / Do you see me blasting through Ashland?” after what happened last year, but perhaps we’re a bit sensitive today on the anniversary of the bombings.

Anyway, we’re sure they mean well.

Here’s word from the band, with the Soundcloud and lyrics after the jump:

26-Miles of Glory began when Peter Payack, a Berklee Professor and marathoner who has run 12 Bostons, called his former student turned friend, David McWane saying — “We just have to do this song; the city needs it.” David agreed, wrote “26-Miles of Glory,” locked up with local studio engineer Jay Mass at Get Away Recording and brought in ten talented musicians from his Boston band Big D and the Kids Table (2 marathoners).

The song’s tempo was crafted to have the perfect runner’s pace. The lyrics are spoken from the inner thoughts of a female and male while they are participating in the Boston Marathon. The lyrics also follow the route of the Boston Marathon and pay homage to those who lost their lives, the wounded, and those who helped Patriot’s Day 2013.

We hope “26-Miles of Glory” will give the city of Boston and all those who run Marathons all over the world strength and pride. 

– David McWane

26-Miles of Glory! Written by: David McWane

Verse 1. (Female – Sirae Richardson)
! Toeing up the line on Patriot’s day
I’ve been training for this run for months now
Lock a solid pace, through 7 towns I’ll race
Chin up, eyes locked, with a low brow

For my mother who has passed
I’ll be strong and I’ll be fast
Nothing can break my stride
I’m moving

For friends down the street
Because they’ve always supported me
Saying, “Girl you move like you got wings”

For my father, for my brother, for teachers; all my anchors
I’m going to blast by them just like cheetah blur
For Jeff for standing tall, for Carlos and them all
Is why I’ll run this marathon

Do you see me blasting through Hopkinton?
Do you see me blasting through Ashland?
The cheers, the cheers, the cheers, the cheers
Got me feeling strong like a singer in a rock band

On through Natick now Wellesley
There ain’t nobody faster then me
For you, for me, for all in need
It’s 26-miles of Glory


We’re yours Boston
The American Marathon


26-Miles Of Glory
Boston – Strong
The runner’s day of glory

Verse 2. (Male – David McWane)

I’m here today to prove to myself
I’m better than what they used to call me
Had a couple bad years, but I’m back up now
Giving back to those who support me

For my wife who’s past I’ll move strong and fast
Our kids will point and scream there’s Daddy
Past Wellesley, Comm Ave., feeling free
Can’t believe this, Lord just look at me

For Krystle, for Martin, for Sean and for Lingzi
Hitting my stride, stride, stride, stride
My muscles they don’t fail me

Heartbreak Hill won’t make me fall
I’ll push, push on right through that wall
The runner’s beat is where I belong
I was born to run this marathon

Striding now on a steady beat
Almost to Boylston St.
I see it, I see it, I see it, I see it
26-Miles Of Glory!


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