Take This Banjo And Shove It: Watch the Appreciation Post’s new video for ‘Auxiliary Floor Toms’


It’s not easy being pop-punk in 2014. Boston’s Appreciation Post have been fighting the good guitar-rock fight for the past few years, but as they release hit after hit, they’re seeing the trends bear down on them like the trash compactor on the first Death Star. In new song and video for “Auxiliary Floor Toms,” the Appreciation Post fight back against the kids who love banjos, the sensitive types who pluck mandolins, and those afore-fucking-mentioned auxiliary floor toms.

It’s easy to feel irrelevant with a plain ‘ol guitar, synth, and a haircut from ’94. Good thing they have hooks.

Check the video up top, then celebrate drums placed only where they belong tonight at T.T. The Bear’s Place as the Appresh release new six-song EP Slip Away. Joining them in Central are Pretty & Nice, the Color And Sound, and USA USA USA.


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