Take a ride through a ‘Hudson Valley Stomp’ with the hard rock groove of Feints


2014 could be the year of Amy Douglas. The powerhouse vocalist of electro trio SPF 5000 shook things up last year with the hard-rocking, piano-pounding Feints, and is rumored to have a new disco project titled Sunrise Highway on the horizon.

The former is in fine form here in new single “Hudson Valley Stomp,” a six-minute riff parade that shouts-out to the better days of carefree rock and roll. The video was produced by the band — which includes SPF mastermind Rob Philips — up in the Hudson Valley over the summer, back when things like “Polar Vortex II” weren’t in our vocabulary.

Feels good, looks good, sounds good.

Feints bringing the rock and roll to the masses.

  1. A nice musical journey that flows as smoothly as the river with stops along the way to take in some musical memories. Another strong showing from this group of creative and talented musicians.

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