Tall order: Which one of you Boston party people placed an ad for a New Year’s Eve midget?

Our one rule in posting nonsense to this website is that the content has to be related, in some way, to music. So while we’re not exactly sure what type of party is sending out a public call for a midget “little person,” we’re just gonna cross our stubby little fingers and hope the Craig’s List ad below is related to either Together’s bash at Great Scott, the Daily Pravda’s show at Radio, or even the Heroes dance night at T.T. The Bear’s Place.

Either way, we finally have an answer to this infamous Yahoo Answers query…

I realize this might sound ridiculous, but I am looking for a little person to come to a new years event. You won’t have to pay entry fee and we will even pay you $100. You don’t need to do anything. Just enjoy the party, feel free to bring anyone you want. It will fulfill a very bizarre prophecy for my friend and hopefully cause psychological trauma (jokes (sort of)). You just need to have an explanation for how you ended up there and never admit you were hired. Please just shoot me an email if you’re interested.