Oh for fuck’s sake — Limp Bizkit have recorded their live cover of Ministry’s ‘Thieves’

Hey Al Jourgensen, we’re gonna ask you to go take a seat over there next to George Michael. Limp Bizkit have continued their reign in destroying awesome shit with their latest abortion of a cover, taking on Ministry’s 1989 industrial ode to political corruption, “Thieves.”

Good effing God just listen to this. What was once merely a staple in the band’s live performance (remember Woodstock ’99) has now been given the studio recording treatment. Word is it’ll appear on the nu-metals band’s upcoming new record, Stampede of the Disco Elephants, due in January.

This cover is pretty bad. Few things in our lifetime have ever sucked so much stale dry shit out of a dead dog’s ass and then snowballed it into the pup’s mouth only to inhale it back out of the animal’s rectum a second time.

In related news, Fred Durst is also developing a new TV drama for the CW.

Excuse us while we go break stuff.

Here’s the original.

Oh and by the way here’s the Bizkit dressed up as Guns N’ Roses for Halloween…

Bizkit Roses