Listen to ‘Jubilee’ by Trans, a new project featuring ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler


In recent years, former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler has been in the studio producing everyone from the Libertines to Duffy. These days, the Butler makes his return as a performer with Trans, a project that also features Jackie McKeown of the 1990s
and the Yummy Fur, which featured some of the blokes in Franz Ferdinand before they went on to be in Franz Ferdinand.

Sounding part Kraftwerk and part standard indie guitar pop, Trans doesn’t sound much like Butler’s previous output with Suede, McAlmont & Butler, or even as a solo artist.

Of the few Trans tracks that are floating around the interwebs, we’ve been most intrigued by the epic “Jubilee.” Clocking in at just under eight minutes, Butler’s vocals are recognizable but the rest of the song is something else entirely. Trans might not be favored by the tried and true Britpoppers, but the band is certainly working with an exciting sound.


Trans’ debut EP titled Red drops October 7 on Rough Trade.

To get all warmed up, check out a video clip of “Jubilee” above, taken from an August short film on the band.

Trans Red