Read producer Steve Albini’s incredible four-page letter to Nirvana


Producer and musician Steve Albini is a pretty incredible dude. A few hours ago, this four-page letter to Nirvana surfaced on imgur, and there’s no many notable bullet points — suggesting Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota; the “producer as plumber” mentality — that it’d be impossible to do it justice without just copy/pasting the entire thing. Albini went on to produce In Utero, and with that record just celebrating its 20th anniversary, well, this is all sorts of timely.

(Note: we’re sure this has made the rounds before, but it’s well worth another look. It’s that fascinating.)

UPDATE September 26, 12:20 AM EST: Looks like this letter is included in the In Utero 20th anniversary super deluxe edition.

Print it out, take it to the bathroom, and dig in to brilliance.

A closer look…

Albini 1

Albini 2

Albini 3

Albini 4

    1. Litt also remixed “Pennyroyal Tea” and the remix was set to be released on the single, but the single was retracted shortly after Kurt Cobain’s death. His remix can be found on Wal-Mart and Kmart versions of In Utero as well as Nirvana, Nirvana’s greatest hits collection.

    2. Hmm, do you have facts to back that up, or did you just invent this opinion all by yourself in your ickle head? I have my suspicions.

  1. The problem with a guy like Albini is that he believes so thoroughly in the truth and righteousness of one hundred percent of everything he says. That’s great when he’s right, but completely unworkable when he’s wrong. For instance, the third paragraph of the letter shows integrity and amazing foresight, but given that he didn’t “want any part” of the record company interference that was inevitable (and of course did happen) shows a pretty naive understanding of the business in general and Nirvana’s then-current status in particular.

    Also, that whole posturing about remixing (for “talentless pussies”) is pretty hilarious considering what ultimately happened to his In Utero mix. I’m pretty sure that Scott Litt is neither “talentless” nor a “pussy”

  2. You read into it to much – the only line that means anything is the
    last one – any record that takes longer than a week to to make somebody’s fucking it up x x

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