Hard Rock Cafe retires ‘Enter Sandman’ in silly tribute to Yankees closer Mariano Rivera


The Hard Rock cafe will become a little less rocking, thanks to Mariano Rivera. ESPN is reporting the music-based restaurant chain will “retire” Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” out of respect to the Yankees closer, who is hanging up his Hall of Fame cleats at season’s end. The classic Metallica track, which leads off their 1991 “Black” album, has been Rivera’s entrance music since 1999.

Seriously, come the fuck on. Not that anyone really needs to hear “Enter Sandman” ever again, but this is just silly. According to ESPN:

In a ceremony before Thursday night’s game, Hard Rock will announce that Rivera’s warm-up song, Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” will be yanked from its song system to be retired from all Hard Rock-branded restaurants, hotels and casinos worldwide — with the exception of Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium.


David Miller, director of operations for Hard Rock International, said it was a small gesture to honor “one of the greatest athletes of our generation.” It’s the first time the company, which has a total of 173 venues across 53 countries, has “retired” a song.

Shame Rivera didn’t adopt the Red Hot Chili Peppers entire post-Mother’s Milk catalog, isn’t it?

Metallica performed “Enter Sandman” live at Yankee Stadium on Sunday night in a lavish retirement ceremony.


RIP, sweet prince. You’re off to never-never (get played again) land.