Listen to the smoky new Nate Leavitt single, ‘Where Did Your Love Go’ // playing Tuesday 09.17.13 @ Cafe 939

Photo by Derek Kouyoumjian

It may have been Richard Bouchard who started it a few years ago, we’re not sure, but ever since, we’ve been firm believers in the campaign that declares Nate Leavitt the finest guitarist in Boston. Not that it’s any sort of competition, mind you, just that it’s a certain acclaim that recognizes the former Blizzard of ’78 leader and current Parlour Bells and OldJack guitarist for his sound, style, and passion. When we worked together for the Smashing Pumpkins edition of the Tuesday Night Recording Club, he instantly impressed everyone in the room, and he only met everyone but me that night.

Leavitt’s embedded in several bands and projects around Boston, providing substance for everyone from glam troubadours to Americana veterans, but he’s also got his emotive solo gig, and the ghostly folk of “Where Did Your Love Go,” posted below, is the first offering from upcoming autumn record You, Me, And The Silence. Co-produced by Leavitt and his OldJack comrade Dan Nicklin, the track features Leavitt on vocals and most of the instruments, with Phil Aiken (Phil Aiken Army) on piano and Jason Meeker (OldJack) on drums.

The song is officially released tomorrow night at Cafe 939, and the Nate Leavitt Band features some familiar faces around town: Nicklin on guitar, omnichord and vocals; Magen Tracy (Parlour Bells) on piano and vocals; John Maloney (The Rotary Prophets) on bass; Ned Gallacher (Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women) on drums; Brian Carroll on mandolin; and Noel Coakley on pedal steel.

You, Me, And The Silence is the 10-song follow-up to Leavitt’s previous solo release, 2011 EP Inference. You can peruse that via the Bandcamp link below (or play “Where Did Your Love Go” on that platform, if you’re a Bandcamp kinda guy/gal).

NATE LEAVITT BAND + BARNABY BRIGHT + CARA DOMINGS :: Tuesday, September 17 @ Cafe 939, 939 Boylston St., Boston, MA :: 8pm, all-ages, $12 :: advance tickets :: facebook invite

Nate Leavitt album cover