Photo Gallery: The People of Boston Calling, Sept 7 + 8 @ City Hall Plaza

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay, okay. So some dude mag anointed Boston the Worst Dressed City In The World crown. Old news. What those peacocking hipster elitists didn’t mention is that when it comes to throwing a party, no one’s gonna top us. I spent some time wandering Boston Calling last weekend and decided to shoot the festival goers as much as the bands because, well, mostly I hate photo pits and I’m kinda lazy, but also because you’re a bunch of fresh looking folks, especially when you’re twerking your brains out. Presenting the good, the bad, and the puking in a trashcan People of Boston Calling. Boston Calling Photos

James Joiner is a freelance writer and photographer, and a regular contributor to Esquire, Rolling Stone, and more.