Lola’s Caturday Countdown: The weekly best, 08.04.13 to 08.10.13

Not to get all VH1 on everyone, but hey, we’re kinda having the Best Week Ever here at Vanyaland. With our three-month anniversary arriving next week, we’re launching a new Saturday series that recaps the most read and shared posts of the week prior. And since it’s the weekend, we’re leaving it in the polydactyl paws of our sometimes-useless intern, Lolabear Stringbean.

Here’s the inaugural Lola’s Caturday Countdown, for the week between Saturday, August 4, and today:


5. Stream the Boston Fuzzstival mix before Saturday’s 13-band fest at the Middle East, August 6, 2013

The first-ever Fuzzstival goes down today at the Middle East, and here’s the soundtrack, featuring tracks from Ghost Box Orchestra, CreaturoS, The New Highway Hymnal, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, Guillermo Sexo, and others.

Scott Lucas _ photo by Jim Newberry

4. Interview: Scott Lucas on his recovery, cover songs, and splitting Local H with Married Men, August 6, 2013

Last time we chatted with Scott Lucas, he was recovering from being mugged in Russia. Now the Local H singer is back in action and hit Great Scott with his other project, the Married Men. Vanyaland staff writer Michael Christopher brings us up to speed. Photo by Jim Newberry.


3. Watch the trailer for the WFNX doc ‘We Want The Airwaves,’ set for release in October, August 8, 2013

Jason Steeves started working on a documentary on WFNX 101.7 FM back in December 2011. Then the FM frequency was sold a few months later, the station shut down, then was reborn online, then was shut down again for good this past March. Thankfully, Steeves’ “We Want The Airwaves” focuses more on the rise of Boston’s true alt-rock radio station in the 80’s and early-90s, when it helped break bands like Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins and became a nationally-respected brand.

Kyle Neeson

2. Cocked N’ Loaded’s Kyle Neeson ruptures his Achilles on stage, sings another seven songs, finishes the set, August 4, 2013

You want rock and roll? Look no further than Kyle Neeson. The frontman of Boston’s Cocked N’ Loaded ruptured his fucking Achilles during a 10th anniversary performance a week ago at the Middle East — during the band’s third song. Running on adrenaline and booze, he sang seven more songs before heading to the ER. Badass. Photo by Dave Jarvis.


1. Death Grips show cancelled after promoter learns there’s really no ‘show’ at all, August 6, 2013

The curtain was pulled on Death Grips, a Sacramento noise-rap duo who were set to play Royale on Tuesday. Except the show was nothing more than a stunt — just add suicide note, idle kid’s drum, and recorded music, with no band in sight. They pulled this shit in Chicago and a near riot broke out. Good looks to Pitchfork, the NME, Spin, and others for linking this post. Photo by Tom Spray.

xo Lola