Pittsburgh-area singer wishes Boston gets bombed again, gets kicked out of his band


Photo by Alex Iseman

UPDATE, 11:21 a.m., June 2: After a morning to reflect, it seems Jordan Kuruc is now reveling in his sudden infamy.


A Western Pennsylvania rock band has kicked out its singer tonight after the frontman called for another Boston bombing while watching the Game 1 of the NHL Eastern Conference finals between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins. Jordan Kuruc, second from the right in the above photo, made the comment via twitter, and his melodic hardcore band, FORBEARANCE, was quick to send him to the penalty box.


Jordan Kuruc Twitter

The tweet has since been deleted, and Kuruc has apologized and offered remorse. But his now-former band responded swiftly via their Facebook page; Kuruc has just two gigs left with Forbearance. And they might be a bit awkward.

“At this point, the past statements on our wall made regarding our former singer ignorant statements made this evening will be deleted. The rest of our band acknowledges your outrage, agrees with your outrage, and has responded with what we feel is only just. Jordan will be performing with us for our 2 shows next week only to honor prior commitment, but nothing more. Thank you all for you concern in bringing this situation to light (I don’t have Twitter. I have a foot and a half long beard, so I also appear to live in the stone age) as we don’t accept this type of ignorance in our band. Regards, -Dave and the rest of Forbearance.”

Important to note that the word “Bear” appears in their band name.