See George Clooney and Brad Pitt yuk it up in the ‘Wolfs’ trailer


Welcome back to the show, Jon Watts. The man who started off his career doing solid little thrillers like Cop Car with Kevin Bacon got consumed in the same machine that seems to swallow every promising filmmaker: He signed a deal with Marvel, and three Spider-Man movies later, he’s finally back with a movie a little closer to his origins, and we’re glad to see it. It’s called Wolfs, which will bother us until well after it hits theaters.

And look, we get why — it’s about two lone-wolf fixers coming together for hijinks and action — and we’re looking forward to this Ocean’s 11 reunion, given that Brad Pitt and George Clooney are our leads here. But that’s no excuse for goofy grammar, guys. Anyhow, Apple and Sony dropped a trailer for the film on Wednesday, and it looks like a swell time at the movies.

Peep it:

Here’s a short and sweet synopsis that basically just says “Clooney. Pitt. Get tickets, your mom will want to see this:”

“Global superstars George Clooney and Brad Pitt team up for the action comedy ‘Wolfs.’ Clooney plays a professional fixer hired to cover up a high profile crime. But when a second fixer (Pitt) shows up and the two ‘lone wolves’ are forced to work together, they find their night spiraling out of control in ways that neither one of them expected.”

Wolfs hits theaters on September 20. If anything, we’re willing to wager that this will make at least a few more dollars than Argylle did. What an absolute nightmare that movie was for everybody involved, huh? We’re just gonna pray that one of these Apple originals is profitable one day, because they’re putting… relatively normal, non-franchise films into theaters, and that might be the best thing the company’s ever done. Well, aside from all that tech innovation.