Newmoon draw us into their ‘gazing atmosphere with ‘Crazing’

Via Cannonball PR

There’s roughly 3,460 miles separating our land of Boston with the Belgian city of Antwerp, but that doesn’t stop Newmoon’s ability to draw intimately close to the listener. The shoegaze band has today (January 31) released a stirring new single in “Crazing,” a moody, atmospheric track that shines bright underneath its dense haze. It’s the third single from the Belgian noise slingers’ forthcoming album Temporary Light, due out March 22 through Manifesto Records here in the United States.

“’Crazing’ is one of the noisier songs on this album,” admits singer and guitarist Bert Cannaerts. “We’re always looking for that one melody that hides within a song. With ‘Crazing’ we wanted to try our hand at a song that incorporates loads of guitar textures but still feels melodic and airy.”

Cannaerts adds: “On one hand it has these dark and droning fuzzed out guitars but on the other hand it sounds fresh and uplifting. The song exists on the edge of dark and gloomy with a hint of brightness and optimism. The exact spot where we like our music to sit.”

Draw Newmoon close with “Crazing” below.