Blondes set a shimmering pop-rock course to a ‘Beautiful World’

Photo Credit: Charlie Barclay Harris

There’s something in the Nottingham water. Fresh off Sleaford Mods rousing show here in Boston and that recent Do Nothing cruiser, the English Midlands city delivers another sound heard round the world with the latest from Blondes. We last caught up with the indie band back in March via their sonic seducer “Love In The Afternoon,” and now following recent single “The Basement,” they have set a shimmering pop-rock course through the rich and melodic “Beautiful World,” which hits the streams today (May 18).

“‘Beautiful World’ feels like our first proper pop song,” says Blondes guitarist Alex Davidson. “It’s my favourite that we’ve written so far. It’s about our relationship with our environment and each other. We wrote it to speak not just for ourselves but to anyone that finds themselves looking around at our world and wondering just how we’ve become so disconnected from one another and the planet. We hope you like it.””

This new one, along with the aforementioned singles, will be featured on Blondes’ new EP, In Separation, due July 14. It should slot in nicely on all our summer playlists.