Martin Scorsese films David Johansen’s ‘Personality Crisis’ in new doc

Personality Crisis

Martin Scorsese knows that you’re just itching for any news about Killers of the Flower Moon, his latest three-plus hour opus that seems to just be a little further off in the future than anyone would like or hope for it to be. But, in typical Scorsese fashion, he’s got a new documentary project to make waiting just a little bit easier. Again, we should remind you, this is the man who made The Last Waltz, No Direction Home, Living in the Material World, Rolling Thunder Revue, and Shine a Light (usually alongside co-director David Tedeschi). This time, Scorsese and Tedeschi have a stellar but perhaps less-well-known subject than Bob Dylan or the Rolling Stones: David Johansen, New York Dolls frontman, actor and raconteur, and their new film Personality Crisis: One Night Only documents a small performance for an even smaller crowd in NYC back in the glory days of January 2020. Showtime dropped a trailer for the project earlier on Thursday, and it looks pretty swell.

Take a look:

Man, David Johansen just has the best hairstyles, doesn’t he? Glam-punk, the cabaret mullet he has here, Buster Poindexter’s pompadour — much like Bowie, you can chart the course of his career based on just what his hair looked like.

Here’s a synopsis:

“‘Personality Crisis: One Night Only’ tells the definitive story of the culture-defying David Johansen, notorious ’70s glam punk lead singer of the New York Dolls. Framed around an intimate cabaret performance filmed in January 2020 at New York City’s storied Café Carlyle, ‘Personality Crisis: One Night Only’ reveals Johansen’s enormous influence, transcending the walls of music as a window into the art and cultural evolution of New York City.”

Personality Crisis: One Night Only hits Showtime’s streaming app on April 14. We’re betting that Morrissey is fucking stoked about this news.