WHYTRI and Jon Glass create close encounters in new video ‘UGHK’


WHYTRI took one look at Jordan Peele’s flick Nope and thought to himself, “yup.”

The Boston rapper has beamed up a futuristic music video for his song “UGHK,” which appeared on the Jon Glass-produced album MOMMA i MAKE ART: SEE YOUR BOY IS NOT A LOSER! (often abbreviated as MiMA). Directed and filmed by Poortfolios off I-93 South, the visual gazes at WHYTRI’s taste for underground art through an extraterrestrial lens.

“The goal was to keep it grimy but experimental,” WHYTRI explains. “I was inspired by crop circle and the movie NOPE and thought that aesthetic would just fit the song perfectly.” Combining aliens and avant-garde rapping: We call that close encounters of the heard kind.

“Baby you know me / I flip the scene / Then make it me,” WHYTRI raps in his husky tone, as the camera angles tilt and jerk around him like an action sequence from a sci-fi movie.

“We wanted to do some effects/transitions that felt a bit otherworldly and dreamy, giving off the idea that I may have been transported here and don’t know what’s really going on,” he adds. “Kind of like in the crop circle movies, where people are about to get abducted… Even when I shoot simple videos with light scenes, we take a lot of pride in trying to make it as creative and different as possible.”

Let “UGHK” abduct your attention below.