Abbie Barrett rolls through life on her own terms with ‘I Will Let You Know’

Via Bandcamp

When Abbie Barrett is set to hit the stage, like she will this Saturday (October 2) at Harpoon Brewery’s Oktoberfest, she will let you know. And when she teams up with a legend like Greg Hawkes of The Cars, she will do the same. So when the Boston artist drops a spiky new tune about rolling through life on her own terms, well, her pitch is appropriately pointed: “I Will Let You Know.”

And so she has done just that with her latest single, which dropped earlier this week via Rum Bar Records. Hawkes’ contribution is quite apparent, as his signature synth squeal swirls in lock-step with the track’s propulsive guitar-rock drive. And Barrett is holding steady and continuing to do what she loves in the cross-eyed faces of naysayers.

“There’s no expiration date on having fun,” she says. “And for me that means creating and performing music until I say I’m done.”

As usual, Barrett’s got a Boston all-star squad assembled on this one, as in addition to Hawkes on the keys, the singer and guitarist’s band features Mike Oram (Juliana Hatfield) on guitar; Ed Valauskas (The Gravel Pit) on bass; Rice Edmonston (Stars Like Ours) on drums; and Chris Anzalone (Hatfield) on percussion. “I Will Let You Know” was recorded by Pat DiCenso and Jon Lupfer at Q Division, with additional recording by Joel Edinberg, and co-produced and mixed by Lupfer and Valauskas. It sounds as huge as you’d expect with that lot involved.

Go let Barrett let you know below.