cleopatrick show off their ‘hometown’ and the primal pull of rock and roll

Photo Credit: Tanner Pare

The new music video from Ontario duo cleopatrick is meant to be an introduction to the scene, sound, and small “hometown” upbringing of longtime Cobourg BFFs Luke Gruntz (guitar/vocals) and Ian Fraser (drums). But in an age of COVID, it’s also emerged as something more; a sort of time capsule for when we all packed the sweaty rock clubs and music spaces and rocked the fuck out, when social distancing was something that never crossed our frenzied minds.

It was a better time, and it’s also a time that hopefully comes back quickly. Because we all need a little bit of this rock and roll riffage to get through the day, and “hometown” not only takes us back, but shows the rise of cleopatrick into a full-on musical force.

“This video is a montage of some of the best nights of our lives,” says Gruntz. “There was a really strange sense of irony that came with putting this new visual together. There’s an incredible contrast between who we were when this song was written vs. who we are now — and it’s all thanks to this song.”

The video was directed by cleopatrick and Mika Matinazad, and once we’re done reminiscing about life pre-pandemic, what we’re left with is a power duo creating high-energy guitar-rock at a time when we need it most. “hometown” — which is deliberately un-capitalized, like the band’s moniker, a contract to their all-caps sound — is out on 7-inch vinyl November 20, complete with art hand-stamped by the band. It feels like a must-have as cleopatrick begin their ascent, and it’s available for pre-order now at their newly-launched webstore.

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