The Dirty Nil honor metal and mom’s Dodge Caravan on ‘Doom Boy’

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The ongoing pandemic has messed with bands and artists pretty heavily throughout 2020, but we can only imagine how The Dirty Nil are coping. The Ontario guitar-rock band has made quite a name out on tour over the past several years, rolling through the Boston area with such frequency, we’re tempted to just start calling them locals.

But with no touring options available this summer, it seems The Dirty Nil dudes have focused on the music, and along comes word the trio have a new record called Fuck Art out later this year via Dine Alone Records. It’s billed as “an unabashed concoction of classic-rock heroism, pop-punk horsepower, ‘80s indie scrappiness, ‘90s alterna-crunch, and speed-metal adrenalin,” and well shit we’re pretty excited.

The Dirty Nil have also dropped a new single from the album in “Doom Boy,” and it’s catchier than any virus we’ve encountered this summer. It’s all about young love and metal and the magical place deep in the back of a Dodge Caravan.

“’Doom Boy’ is one of my favorite songs we’ve ever made,” says frontman Luke Bentham. “It’s an ode to chivalry and thrash itself, and yes, it’s my mom’s Dodge Caravan. Crank the dial and enjoy, friends.”

Watch it out below, and hey, reminder: Check in on all your friends who have spent their lives on the road before everything came to a screeching halt in March.