This Stream Is Tonight: André Obin live from the Magic Room

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Editor’s Note: We have tweaked our This Show Is Tonight series to reflect the ongoing phenomenon of live music livestreaming in the age of social distancing.


As society evolves its coping mechanisms in the age of the pandemic, so does the live music circuit. Drive-in shows and other “socially-distanced” outdoor events are beginning to surface as summer enters its final stretch, but they seem to lack the intimacy and access that shapes live performance into an artform. Now months into this alleged “new normal” (for the time being, at least), we’ve also adapted beyond a simple performer set-up recorded in front of a laptop or mobile, and have entered the realm of the soundstage.


Joining ONCE Somerville and other visually sound spots across the country, Magic Room in Norwood is also broadcasting directly to our screens, upping the livestream game and elevating the viewer experience. Tonight (August 14), it welcomes André Obin to its colorful stage, the Boston electronic-pop musician previewing his forthcoming Bridging the Void EP, out soon via Cleopatra Records.

Obin will perform “a beautifully-manicured two hour set,” including the EP in full — a timely release that combines Obin’s darker shade of synth-pop with lyrical modern-day themes of social distancing, isolation and survival, all penned pre-COVID-19 — with visual accompaniment by Steve Sherrick. The show is broadcast via the Magic Room’s Facebook page, it starts at 8 p.m. EDT, and a $10 donation to view is suggested.

“It’s beautiful that we’re able to safely come together and provide entertainment during these strange times,” the Magic Room writes. “Big thanks to André Obin for making this appearance for all of us! Please support the band and crew by donating!”

For the latest livestream information, click here, and hear a pair of tracks from Obin’s new EP below.