Ed Balloon captivates in online performance series ‘She Went Off’


Virtual show burnout is a real thing, folks, but goddamn if Ed Balloon isn’t resuscitating the trend with his new video “She Went Off.” 

Released yesterday (July 29), the vid kickstarts the Boston artist’s new #DollarAndRT online performance series, a fairly self-explanatory process where viewers donate $1 and repost the video after watching. 

Wide-eyed, wired, and totally captivating for the entire song, Balloon’s performance of “She Went Off” packs the most energy into a virtual act since this entire pandemic started. It’s a potent dose of rejuvenation that everyone stuck in a cycle of doom-scrolling so desperately needs.


Tune in below — and Venmo some cash to @edmund-Oribhabor while you’re at it.