‘SUZI Q’ delves beyond Suzi Quatro’s rep as ‘the girl from Detroit City’


When Suzi Quatro saw The Beatles on television, she and her sisters had one, explicit reaction: They wanted to form a band. 

Now, in her own documentary SUZI Q, her tale will do the same for a new generation of young women watching her storied, 50-plus year career as a rollicking bassist and singer unfold. Oh, and they’ll also witness Quatro’s well-earned notoriety for kicking down doors for other women in the genre with her chunky-heeled stage shoes.

Chronicling her early days in The Pleasure Seekers and Cradle, to documenting the rocket-fuel-vitriol behind her breakout solo-band singles like “Can the Can” and “Daytona Demon,” SUZI Q offers a long-overdue examination of one of early rock’s greatest pioneers. Pleasantly, the flick doesn’t wander into the same, tired sex and drugs territory that so many rock-docs fall prey to; instead, SUZI Q paints the career of an unflappable musician who’s ping-pong’d from from hard rock to musical theatre and back to rock ‘n’ roll again, over decades of prominence.

Alice Cooper, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Kathy Valentine, and KT Tunstall all come forth to testify to Quatro’s wide influence, but perhaps best of all, SUZI Q flows straight from the source of Quatro’s lips, as she recounts her experiences in the music industry.

Due to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, SUZI Q will be released on VOD and DVD on July 3, but superfans can see the film early on July 1 via a virtual Q&A and screening event with Quatro herself.

Nab your tickets here, and check out the trailer below.