LOUD HOUND is a ‘Melancholy Boy’ after a relationship’s honeymoon ends

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What comes after a relationship’s honeymoon phase? The time when raw passion fades and reality starts setting in, both of the world around you and the true nature of your lover? We’re not sure if there’s a clinical name for that period, but LOUD HOUND certainly has the soundtrack for the emotions that come with it in a new single called “Melancholy Boy”.

The music project from Philadelphia-born East Coast songwriter and producer Tommy Florio dropped its latest track on Friday (May 1), and it’s a sun-soaked alt-pop bop that spins somber lyrics of depression and anxiety against a warm, kaleidoscopic sonic backdrop.


“The song is kind of like an ode to myself being a sad boy and the indecisiveness that comes with incompatible love that is blinded by infatuation,” LOUD HOUND states, noting that the track is inspired by falling in love with the idea of someone, instead of who they actually are.

“I don’t know maybe it’s just me and the relationships I’ve had, but basically I really loved this girl and our relationship was awesome in the honeymoon period and then after life started settling in and we really got to know each other we just weren’t really compatible,” he adds. “And every time we would break up, see other people, ignore each other for months and then get back together and I would eventually realize that I’m running in circles and I don’t really love her and I love the girl who I thought she was. And I think because of my depression and anxiety problems I often blamed myself.”

We’ve all been there. Be your own “Melancholy Boy” below.