Gio Dee attempts to convert every non-believer with ‘Ready Now?’

From Gio Dee's website

When Gio Dee asks you if he’s ready, he doesn’t really need to know your answer. He’s already off and running, sprinting towards his next victory lap before the smoke from the starting pistol dissipates.

Sharing his new record Ready Now? today (January 17), the Boston rapper causally converts his old “non-believers” with a collection of 10 tracks gleaned from his most recent time shaping the area’s hip-hop scene.

“Talk about my city / Know that I’m the heart of it,” he raps on “Flee Talk,” before asserting “know the music scene out here / I done started it.” And, considering that just a few weeks ago we named Gio’s track with Humbeats and Rosewood Bape as one of the best homegrown tunes of 2019, we’d say that his confident assessment checks out.

Ready Now? is a body of work that solidifies my growth as a man and as an artist,” Gio Dee tells Vanyaland. “I’ve put in the work and shaped Boston’s music scene, so I ask the fans and industry, am I ready now?”

Actually, wait, don’t answer that. “When you hear this project, you’ll feel my journey and step into this new direction with me,” he confirms. “I’m ready.”

Tune in to Ready Now? below, and celebrate the album’s release at Gio Dee’s Middle East performance on Sunday (January 19) with SuperSmashBroz and Dreaveli.