Now, Now share new holiday synth-pop song ‘Lonely Christmas’

Photo: Emily Gardner for Vanyaland

Christmas songs are a tricky business. They’re mostly intended to inspire joy and spread holiday cheer, but for some there’s a sadness inherently built into everything that swirls around December 25 and the long path of days leading up to it. There’s a reason why Christmas Day, for some, one of the hardest days, mentally and emotionally, of the year. Consider Now, Now singer KC in that lot, as the Minnesota duo unveil a new holiday-themed synth-pop track titled “Lonely Christmas”.

“This song came about because I always get really lonely and bummed out during the holidays,” says KC. “I try every year to overcome that, so writing this song is another attempt to reclaim the magic of the season.”

She adds: “I had the initial concept idea for this song two years ago while sitting in my car by myself listening to the Christmas station on the radio. The world around me was sparkling and cheerful but I couldn’t feel it. So I wanted us to capture that feeling and write a song for anyone else out there who may also be experiencing that. I always loved the freedom in Christmas music. Nothing is too much. Nothing is too far. Nothing is too joyous. Nothing is too desperate. I can openly plead with someone to not break my heart in the name of Christmas.”

Get into the spirit below, and revisit our April gallery of Now, Now’s appearance in Boston with Foxing and Daddy Issues.