This Show Is Tonight: Hot Chip play Royale

Photo Credit: Ronald Dick

Electronic aficionados Hot Chip know how to dramatize each of their albums with infectious rhythms and wildly playful imaginations. Their most recent effort, June’s A Bath Full of Ecstasy, celebrates the group’s creative comfort with one another. But with that comfort comes the challenge of sonic elevation.

Hot Chip, who play Royale tonight (September 9), utilize all the tools in their arsenal to craft utilitarian dance bangers, but A Bath Full of Ecstasy masterfully displays the polished execution of their approach. Frontman Alexis Taylor still delivers his confectionary vocals with ease, but the band’s backdrops have become more ambient and their lyrics more existential.

Taylor becomes delicately wondrous on “Why Does My Mind” while the blasphemy of “No God” transforms into an eclectic and beguiling listening experience. The habitual frenzied nature of Hot Chip is more subdued on this record, but that’s not to say that the British natives are completely abandoning the sound that made the world notice them. 


Their Boston show tonight will capitalize on their innovative soundscapes. A Bath Full of Ecstasy simply reaffirmed Hot Chip’s aptitude for reinvention — and it works like a charm every time.

HOT CHIP + HOLY FUCK :: Monday, September 9 at Royale, 279 Tremont St. in Boston, MA :: 8 p.m., 18-plus, $40 :: Bowery Boston event page :: Advance tickets