Hot Chip explore horrors under the sheets in the video for ‘Spell’


Remember that bonkers scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors when Mr. Fred Krueger pretends to be a lady and creeps into bed with Joey, only to tie him to his bed with his tongue and ultimately killing the poor kid? Well, that’s the vibe we got off Hot Chip’s wild new video for “Spell,” in which a pair of lovers have their lustful escapade interrupted by insidious bedsheets and chairs coming to life.

It’s part camp, part horror kill scene, all while Alexis Taylor offers up lines like “Like a spell you are under / And now I feel your curse / It’s all that I wanted / A memory in reverse / Forever I’m haunted.” The track’s playful electro-pop bounce — it was originally written by the Hot Chip fellas for Katy Perry, but ended up being one of their own songs — doesn’t let on to the evils that lurk underneath. And that’s something even Freddy could appreciate.

Hot Chip just released their new album A Bath Full of Ecstasy this past Friday, and play Royale on September 9. Go under the sheets with the band below.