‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ finally gets a good poster

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Hey, remember how horrible the first teaser poster for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was? Well, if you don’t, it was the kind of awful photoshop job that studios like Sony love to churn out to attract as broad an audience as possible, because they’re hoping that all you need to know is that Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are in it in order for you to buy a ticket. Given that this is a Quentin Tarantino film that is literally set in the ’60s, we all collectively wondered why things weren’t a little more era-appropriate and/or eye-catching. Well, Sony finally fixed things on Monday with a gorgeous final poster for the film that’s well worth a hang in your dorm room.

Take a look:

Hot diggity damn, that looks fantastic! We’d recommend you follow the film’s Twitter feed, as they’re dropping a variety of in-universe posters for the movies that DiCaprio’s character stars in, and they are an absolute treat in this dark and horrible world that we live in.

Here’s just a couple of them:

Looks like that last one was actually directed by Django creator Sergio Corbucci, which is a cool little footnote. Anyways, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (we’re sorry, QT, but we’re never going to do the ellipsis, especially when you can’t even get it right on the dang final poster you just dropped) hits theaters on July 26.