The Millennial Club shine and strut on debut EP ‘She’s So Insane’

Via band

We’re all staring down a long holiday weekend here in the States, and let’s face it, we all need it. Some of us are hitting music festivals, some are hitting the beaches, and some are just taking a quiet time-out from the daily chaos that consumes our lives.

Whatever the plan for this three-day escapade, Southern California R&B-pop quartet The Millennial Club have the soundtrack with their debut EP, She’s So Insane. The six-track effort showcases the band’s casual, new-wave-for-the-now bliss, crafting introspective pop songs with a high-gloss of modern drama. We’ve previously hyped The Millennial Club’s singles “Santa Barbara” and “Give It Up,” and both tracks are featured here are part of a longer pop narrative.

“The ‘She’s So Insane’ EP is an extremely honest collection of songs, and our journey as musicians has been captured in these tracks,” the band states. “It’s a really big deal for us because it’s the first complete set of work we’ve put out; because of that, it really feels like now, more than ever, people have a holistic view of us. I guess in a way, that means they really can (truly) see if they like our music, or if they simply like just one of our songs.”

Take it with you this holiday weekend and see for yourself.