Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: This Bliss


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Studio 52 Spotlight: This Bliss

What Studio 52 Says: Nick Zampiello is at it again, and it’s anomaly to the rest of us how he finds the time. Many know him as co-founder of Party Bois or the owner of New Alliance East, but for the past two years he’s also been the man behind the drums, samples, and backup vocals for This Bliss; a dream-scape of ethereal electronic music with tremendous pop sensibility.

With Jess Baggia on lead vocals and synth lines and Tom Maroon holding down guitar and backup vocals, the trio’s line up is a dream-team of hometown heavy hitters. Initially formed in 2016, their debut full length Forensic Styles showed its vibrant face September of this year, and it’s been a staple in our listening rotation since. The new album sounds like a more electronic version of Portishead’s Dummy with an anti-pop aura. Some songs sound like they could be played on pop radio while others explore a deeper, darker side of This Bliss, yet still recognize the pop aspects that are incessant throughout the entire record. Forensic Style’s first track “Believe” sounds like it could be at the top of the Billboard charts every time it returns to its magnificently catchy chorus, yet doesn’t turn its back on gritty rock guitar; Maroon’s tasteful riffing dances gracefully over swaying electronic drums.

Forensic Styles isn’t just a clever name, it’s exactly that from start to finish, and its surplus of emotion has a unique story to tell as it “explores the world of trip hop and electronica through the lens of a crime novelist”. As mesmerizing as any trip-hop and as listener-friendly as any pop, with Easter eggs of guitar driven rock hidden throughout, This Bliss are a truly unique and listenable trio with something for everyone. Come out tonight (Friday, November 2) to Pink Noise Studios in Somerville and get lost in a waking dream, as This Bliss headlines with support from Miele and aBIRD. — Trevor McSweeney, Studio 52

Featured photo by Joshua Pickering Photography.

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