TiRon & Ayomari bring their own ‘Kombucha’ on tour with Lykke Li

How does a rap duo from L.A. wind up on tour with a silver-voiced Swedish singer/songwriter? If the artists are TiRon & Ayomari and Lykke Li, the bridge between the two is a sultry alliteration: Sex and sadness. As Li tours North America with her aptly-titled 2018 record so sad so sexy, TiRon & Ayomari ignite the room beforehand, stopping by the Paradise Rock Club this Sunday (October 7). Their new tune “Kombucha” in particular keeps the pace quick with the hopes of unwinding your frenzied mind. “This song was written for everybody that needs a break from all of the stress and anxiety we hold onto during the work week,” the pair tell Vanyaland. “It’s that mini vacation for all of the hard workers, especially women.” Press play and kick back below. Featured photo courtesy of Media & Repertoire.