The Modem Age: A robot has written a song in the style of The Strokes


Is This It?

Or is this I.T.?

A new Strokes song has been making the rounds today, except, it’s not really a Strokes song at all. It just really sounds like one, and that’s because the robots made it so.

Tech collective Botnik, who are described as a “tech and comedy group” by Dazed Digital, have released “I Don’t Want To Be There”, a Strokes-ass jam if we’ve ever heard one, which features predictive text “co-written by algorithms, and recorded in Chicago by a team of artists, writers and developers.” The song is part of Botnik’s “mathematically perfect” pop album titled The Songularity.

Says Botnik CEO Jamie Brew in an August interview published in Medium: “I expect we’ll continue to see A.I. tech that tries to help people do things as fast as they can while making the fewest possible decisions.” So in other words, you can take I.T., or you can leave I.T.