Here’s that mashup of Danzig and The Temptations you never knew you wanted

Well it’s a Tuesday in September and here we are nodding our heads to the latest musical Frankenstein from the musical mash-up mind of the dude Bill McClintock.

Following up his successes merging together RATT and Marvin Gaye back in February and then giving WHAM! and Slayer the merge magic in June (in addition to the likes of Aerosmith vs. The Temptations, Bill Withers vs. Pantera, Alan Parsons Project vs. Dio), the Pennsylvania elementary and middle school music teacher is here now to marry Danzig’s eternal “Mother” and The Temptations’ 1972 classic “Papa was a Rolling Stone.”

It’s no “I Heard it Round and Round the Grapevine” — McClintock’s masterpiece — but it is pretty good, and we hope it eventually finds its way to the ears of a man named Glenn.

“Making music mashups came somewhat easily to me, as I have a background in music theory from majoring in music technology and music education at Duquesne University,” McClintock told foreverstatecollege.com earlier this year. “I was able to find songs that could work together based on key and tempo… Once I have an idea, mixing the audio probably takes on average about five to ten hours. The video part takes about two or three hours. The most time-consuming part is coming up with a really good match. That can take days, if not weeks.”

Call your mamma, call your papa, and dive in below.