Cream with a K bathes in balmy guitar pop on ‘Terrible Voices’


Cream with a K isn’t the first artist to slink through a dingy locale for an aesthetically pleasing music video, nor will she be the last, but on this day we’re saluting her bathhouse bravery anyways.

The project of Lee Tatlock, Cream with a K represents all of Tatlock’s solo material as a visual artist and a musician, most notably outside of her former work with Japanese group NEKO PUNCH. While her self-titled album isn’t available in the States at the moment (it’s only for sale at Tower Records in Japan), the singer has shared the video for her track “Terrible Voices.”

According to Tatlock, the murky waters of a Japanese “love hotel” pool conveyed the tune’s imagery perfectly. “The video was directed, produced and edited in Tokyo with my friend who’s a well known fashion photographer, Fabian Parkes,” says Tatlock. “I wanted a grunge, witchy, Marla Singer from Fight Club kinda vibe. Fabian knew a good location to shoot… which actually turned out to be a Japanese love hotel pool which had seedy glass walls (and the most suspiciously cloudy looking water). Later I found out it was apparently a pretty famous porno location.”


Bathe in her balmy guitar pop bliss below while you wait for her global LP release.

Featured photo by Alex English.