Winter and Triptides douse our dreams in color with ‘Doce Violeta’


Winter is coming, and she’s bringing Triptides with her.

Boston’s old pop gal pal Samira Winter has tapped Glenn Brigman’s psych-rock outfit for their joint album Estrela Mágica, out September 28 via OAR. The new set of tunes comes as a quick followup to Winter’s April 2018 album Ethereality.

The duo shared the first single from their new record last Friday (August 24), a lurid little ditty named “Doce Violeta.” Unsurprisingly, the track pairs Winter’s kaleidoscopic sensibilities with a smudgy California haze, courtesy of Triptides.


“I go through a lot of color phases and at the time I was really into the color violet,” Winter says of the single. “Also I was using a diamond violet image to mediate through the DeRose Method. The song is about that color but also about intuitional knowledge and wanting to connect with that level of consciousness.”

Peep the new-age-inspired video for the tune below — just make sure to brush up on your Portuguese beforehand.

Featured photo by Gabe Fernandez.