The Marvel Film Festival brings the whole MCU to an IMAX near you


Superhero fans are gonna have slim pickings for the foreseeable future: Outside of some goofy looking movies, them’s not much hitting screens soon. The next Marvel movie, the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel, won’t hit theaters until next February, and the studio is pretty conscious of that fact. Also, the MCU is turning 10 this year, so why not spend some time looking back on their accomplishments?

So, they’ve created The Marvel 10th Anniversary Film Festival, which is bringing every single MCU movie to the biggest of screens: IMAX. It’ll run at your local premiere large-format theater from August 30 to September 6 — chronologically at first, and then with some theme days, before closing on a fan-chosen double feature.

Here’s a look at the line-up:



This marks the first time that Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: The First Avenger have appeared on a large-format screen, which is pretty cool (though it’s a bit weird that the latter didn’t get the big-screen treatment, given that Thor was shown in IMAX earlier that year).

If you’re local to Boston, the Marvel Film Festival will be happening at AMC Theaters like the Boston Common 19 or the Assembly Row 12. To buy tickets and for more information on how you can help choose the “Fan Choice” movies, go on over to Fandango. And please, make sure you bring a change of underwear.


Featured images via Disney and Fandango.