Watch Jello Biafra and Descendents play Dead Kennedys’ ‘Police Truck’


Whether it be for big-ticket music festivals or one-offs shows with the Brinks truck parked out back, it seems like every notable band from yesterday has reformed for a “celebrated” reunion gig. Perhaps the only two bands left among those who would command a large Publishers Clearing House-sized check with several zeroes in the box are The Smiths and Dead Kennedys — but the frontmen from both have prevented that from happening: Morrissey has repeatedly shot down any Smiths reunion potential, and in February 2017 Jello Biafra reportedly declined an invite for a Dead Kennedys reunion at Riot Fest.

Biafra, however, did accept an invite to dust off a classic Dead Kennedys track and perform it live with fellow punk legends Descendents over the weekend at Camp Punk In Drublic in Ohio. On Saturday (June 2), Biafra and Descendents tore through Dead Kennedys’ 1980 classic “Police Truck,” and, well, we can’t help but wonder if these two forces joined up for a tour that ran through each band’s catalog.

It certainly wouldn’t be the full-on Dead Kennedys reunion we’re all hoping for in this current Trump era, but it would be pretty damn awesome. Featured image via screen grab.